Term and Condition

Borrowing and Returning Toys


  • Each family may borrow a maximum of six toys at a time.
  • You may borrow the toys for two weeks.
  • Toys will not be issued to members with outstanding fines or fees or overdue toys.
  • Please do not exchange toys with other members or friends, or borrow toys on their behalf.
  • All toys remain the property of the Mount Maunganui Toy Library.

Changes to/Termination of Membership

  • If you have another child or change your address or phone number, please tell the Librarian. You can also update change of address online. It is essential for our register to remain up to date to maintain the correct toys for the number of children in that category and to also assist us with funding applications for grants.
  • Resignation of membership requires one month’s written notice. Refunds will only be provided for the quarter(s) relating to your membership year until its renewal/expiry date that have not commenced, as at the date of effective resignation.
  • Any member who has not paid the annual subscription as at the due date will be deemed to have resigned as a library member, and will not be released from unpaid fines or fees.
  • Any member who repeatedly loses toys or returns toys late or in a broken or dirty condition may have their membership terminated at the discretion of the Committee.
  • Repeated failure to do rostered duties may result in termination of membership.

Liability:  I hereby assume complete and full responsibility for any damage to any property and all injuries to any person(s) that results in whole or part from using the toys I borrow from Mount Maunganui Toy Library Inc (MMTL). I hereby fully release MMTL from any and all responsibility in respect of any such damage or such injuries (whether sustained outside of, or on, the Toy Library premises) and agree to fully indemnify MMTL in respect of any claims in this regard.

Privacy Act: 2020 I understand the details completed on this form will be added to the Mount Maunganui Toy Library Membership list and will be used by the MMTL committee for contact information. Your information will not be made public.

Authorisation to Remove Toys: I hereby irrevocably authorise Mount Maunganui Toy Library (through its Committee Members or agents acting on behalf of the Committee) access to my property to remove toys that have overdue monies owing on them.  All costs incurred in retrieval of overdue toys or monies owed to MMTL are the responsibility of the member.

Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Rules: I hereby declare that I have read the rules of the Mount Maunganui Toy Library and agree to abide by them and pay all monies owing.



Our members have a prime responsibility to ensure that they take reasonable care of their own health and safety while using our equipment and report any incidents that occur while using the equipment.

    • Please do not bring sick children into the Toy Library.
    • Please ensure that all toys are returned in a clean state, particularly if your household has had any particular infectious conditions.
    • It is the responsibility of each member to ensure the appropriate toys are chosen for children. Where a family comprises children both over and under the appropriate age for the toy, the member must supervise and protect those under the appropriate age for the toy whilst the toy is in use.
    • Toys are labelled with a recommended age for use and warnings where there are small parts or plastic bags that can pose a hazard.
    • It is our aim to provide and promote the safe use of toys. Please let us know of any safety concerns you may have about a toy. The Mount Maunganui Toy Library is not responsible for any damage to persons or property caused during the use of toy library property.
    • Please supervise your children while at the toy library.
    • Please check the condition of the toys when you borrow them. If a toy is in a broken, damaged or unsafe condition, please inform the Librarian as soon as possible.