Frequently Asked Questions

We are a non-profit organisation run by a voluntary committee with support from our members and their families. We are always in need of new committee members. From each new committee member, we gain new ideas and a fresh look into what can be improved. We are not a council or government organisation or a private company. We are a group of parents working together to benefit our children. The library is run by a volunteer committee, who looks after the day-to-day running of the library. Because we are non-profit, we rely on grants and membership fees to keep the library going! Our out going costs include rent, insurance, cost fees (eftpos etc), toy purchases and much more.


A duty member pays a lower membership fee than a full membership and comes to the toy library and helps for two sessions throughout the year. This may include counting and checking toys for damage when they have been returned, cleaning, tidying and stocktake. It is easy work and lots of fun!  Book the sessions through our website by clicking on the roster button.

Absolutely! Children love to play in the toy library and ''''help'''' their caregiver with their duty.

We place a minimal charge on each toy that is rented.  The toys vary in rental price according to the cost of the purchase of the toy for the Library.

We expect all members to clean the toys prior to return.  We also have cleaning materials available for you to clean the toys on site.  We spray all returned toys with a disinfectant to reduce the risk of any spreading of germs.

This happens from time to time.  We usually find that the missing piece turns up down the track. Please tell us on return if a piece is missing as we count the parts of the toy.   Depending on the item, we may need to charge you for it.

Of course, we encourage it as there are so many toys to play with.  We rent extra space for the session so there is plenty of room.  We have comfy couches for caregivers to relax and chat to one another.

Yes you can.  An easy way is to go on our  website and reserve online.

  • Photo ID (like a drivers'' license)
  • Proof of address (like an electricity bill)

When you become a member, you will receive an email with your membership ID and password.  This is what you need to navigate through the website.  You can reserve toys, and extend the hire period of toys.  You can also choose a session to help out at by clicking on the roster button.  If you forget or can't find your membership ID, no worries, just let the Toy Librarian know or email us at